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Secure and based on OpenVPN!

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  1. Download for your system
  2. Contact us using:
    • : BM-2cW3RF86qjLRifSWVvcnEAggkZ7z5G29Hq
    • : ricochet:fosvwl67zk73eg7m
And then

Why using us?

FullAnonVPN was launched as PoC. We want to try if a no-log VPN is possible in our world.
We share our source code too so that we can improve it even further!
Please don't forget that a VPN doesn't encrypt all your traffic (so use HTTPS everywhere extension to help you doing that).
For increasing anonymity, use Tor through the VPN connection.

  1. No em@il needed (use instead BitMessage or Ricochet IM)
  2. No credit card needed (you pay in Bitcoin)
  3. No binary installer needed (you can compile openVPN from source)
  4. And of course No Logs, crypted

Our VPN locations


  • Anti-DDoS
  • Unmetered bandwidth Yes
  • 200Mbps
  • Dedicated IP No
  • P2P Yes
  • DNS from:
  • Encrypted Tunnel
  • OpenVPN
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Price estimated: $0.30/week

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